Take this Poster Seriously!

by Adnan Yildiz

An interview between now and then

now: Why have you sent it to the South as a State of Mind publication?
then: This place could be the new Arcadia. I wanted Marina to see this poster if she has not seen it yet.

now: Who took this picture, when and where did this happen? then: I took this photo in Madrid during Arco Madrid this year (2012).

now: Why did you take it and what was your motivation? then: When I took this picture, I knew that I would come back to this moment. I wanted to think about this image. I clearly remem- ber now that I did not want to forget it at the time. I wanted to look at it and think about it. I wanted to understand the person who put this notice together as a design and an installation. Since then, it has acted as an open invitation for my mind. It first communi- cated with me as a clear sign or a public notice, but when I noticed that it was a (nice) design within its own context, I thought about what would happen if it was a work of art. What if it was a concep- tual piece that asked some questions?

now: Where do you keep it?
then: It has stayed on my computer for the last six months. It came back with the call of Arcadia. I don’t know why. I am think- ing out loud. We mostly don’t have time to think about all the posters we see on the streets, do we? This should be a good one. At least a good poster!

now: What do you feel about it and why do you keep it? then: I don’t remember now if I liked that Arial type at the time. The typography on the poster was left white with a strong black background. It looked purely beautiful glued on that wall. The poster material looks very true to its practical nature when it is glued on the wall – when it is directly touching the architecture of the wall. I am thinking now: What is an aesthetic of the public? Critically abstract, it is formal, and it is such a politically strong message, especially for a traveller who has lost his way. When you are looking for an address, it is mostly a place you don’t know. And what would you think of anywhere on earth – as a place of No Internet? It is a broad definition. Why is there is no internet beyond that point? Poverty? State control? Community decision? Protest strategy? A rich content.


Photo by Adnan Yildiz

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