South likes: Kristian Sturi at NAM, Milan

Strawberry Urania, 2014 ceramica + legno h160 cm

Kristian Sturi, Strawberry Urania, 2014, ceramic, wood

South likes: Kristian Sturi at NAM, Milan
Gods and Fruits
NAM project, Milan, Italy
29 March – 5 May, 2014

The exhibition Gods and Fruits in NAM project revolves around a peculiar research on sacrality by the italian artist Kristian Sturi. Taking into account various forms of religiosity, Sturi focuses on the concept of Iconodulism (the veneration of images, as it is opposed to Iconoclasm). Religion, or better said a sense of divine alterity, has more than once been an impulse for the production and the distribution of images. In fact figurative depiction as we know it is rooted in the creation of a contact with transcendent entities through acts of ritual veneration. Although Sturi’s works originate from images of sacred simulacra, no recognisable reference can be distinguished in the representations he creates. Three ceramic busts epitomise the approach of the artist: combining the hieratic pose of Egyptian divinities with shapes inspired to fruits such as bananas and strawberries, Sturi merges the visual solemnity of ancient sacred statuary and the rather pictorial and sculptural research of still life studies. What might at first sound as an irreverent mashup, results on the contrary as a mystical representation that inspire a sense of spirituality. There’s no need to search for any legitimation other than the visual impact that is inherent to sacred representations. Because according to a concept of fluidity called into question by these works, a divine being can shapeshift into the innumerable forms of reality, be it an animal, a speaking tree, or a fruit. In Moon, a painting of a sky landscape, we can then individuate an image of several gods at once; and at the same time this is a work that speak of the history of art and of thousands years of pictorial research. The show devised by Kristian Sturi and curator Alice Ginaldi surprisingly creates an irreversible link between the nature of spirituality and the history of visual representation. For any investigation on the image of the divine is genetically an investigation on the constituent characters of humanness.

Michelangelo Corsaro

melchisedec, 2014 olio su tela+griglia di ferro 24 x 18

Kristian Sturi, Melchisedec, 2014, oil on canvas, metal grid

Moon, 2014 olio su tela 40 x 30

Kristian Sturi, Moon, 2014, oil on canvas

Kristian Sturi, Vulcan Kiwi, 2014, ceramic, milk

Kristian Sturi, Untitled, 2014, oil on canvas


Landscape, rainbow over the blue clouds, 2014 olio su tela 40 x 30

Kristian Sturi, Landscape, rainbow over the blue clouds, 2014, oil on canvas

exhibition wall

Kristian Sturi, Gods and Fruits, 2014, exhibition wall, NAM project, Milan

exhibition view

Kristian Sturi, Gods and Fruits, 2014, installation shot, NAM project, Milan


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