The Oracle

“ The compass is brought from the source, read the compass, collect the lore and reveal its possibilities; the interruption of the natural order reasserts any previous order and shows the Novus Ordo ”

Sibylla dressed in game cards, with the black eye line pentagram.


Sibylla inside Källa et les contre espaces, spreading out the game cards.


Inside Källa et les contre espaces, the keeper and father. Outside, She Who Shows the Way, and on the wall the grey silk ribbon pentagram


.Sibylla and the three pentagrams looking for the magnetic south pole, which is the same as the geographic north pole, the home of Snöfrid, and the Oracle.


Sibylla overlooking Snöfrid lying in the foreground, standing on the yellow chair made by Ylva’s father


Sibylla kisses Snöfrid.


NOTE: Ylva Ogland took the photos in our (Rodrigo Mallea Lira and Ylva Ogland and Sibylla Wadjet Marina Snöfrid Virginia) home/studio/living room in Stockholm, February 5, 2012.

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