by Helmut Middendorf

helmut 1

Martin Kippenberger with Breadbasket-hat, Wool Sign-Opening Party, Syros, 1994

helmut 2

MOMAS event, 1994. Cosima von Bonin, preparing to cook spaghetti in the MOMAS ‘Building’, in the background Christopher Williams

helmut 3

Christopher Wool and Martin Kippenberger with MOMAS sign and MOMAS T-shirts, also created by Christopher Wool, 1994

helmut 4

Helmut Middendorf, Martin Kippenberger, Michel Würthle on Syros, 1992
(In the house of Katherina and Michel Würthle where all MOMAS activities started)

helmut 5

Christopher Wool takes a photograph of his MOMAS sign that he placed in the sea on Syros, 1994

helmut 6

Another MOMAS event, 1994. Chistopher Williams and Stephen Prina. Christopher Williams showed early 1960’s avant-garde films in a small cinema in Ermoupolis and Stephen Prina did a Performance on the MOMAS site

helmut 7

Martin Kippenberger and Helmut Middendorf, nightlife on Syros, 1995

helmut 8

MOMAS event with Christopher Wool who created the MOMAS signs for the island, 1994
All photos by Helmut Middendorf





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