We that Defecate. We that Fornicate. We.

by Nastio Mosquito

Desperation is the easiest way to bring about change

There was a time I was targeting coherence … then I found out that it’s about integrity. There was a time I said, “fuck information, consider only—without denying context—knowledge!” Then I found out that it’s about understanding by revelation; who knows—enlightenment in favour of daily focus.

There was a time I nurtured legitimacy … Yeap! I ended up finding that it’s about the cultivation of the power that is love, as one’s motivation.

There … well, I found 1 Corinthians 13, 1-13, and just fucking stopped concluding shit…

It came out of my mouth: “It’s funny to see Europeans in trouble for a change!” Nothing as idiotic had departed from my mouth in a long time… Not because it’s not funny, but because even in troubled times there are no guarantees of learning a lesson at the end…

“There must be an openness of the West to understand that we, the third world, have tools of creative survival that can provide a new fresh perspective. With a new point of view of our challenges, there are no limits to the possible outcomes.” It was on my brain and it did indeed come out of my mouth … then I recognised that as much skill as one must have when under pressure, perhaps even more skill, and tools, one must apply to a circumstance when lack of time is not the crucial element to consider … just ask Abraham Lincoln; maybe.

We have an opportunity here … not Europeans or the third world, nor westerners or southerners but we, we that defecate and fornicate using the word pleasure to express the sensation of executing both adequately. We…

To change is extremely demanding. There’s no easy way of doing it … and no easiest way than desperation to bring change into the

forefront of our circumstances … true but not sustainable.
These are times of change. These are times where our pre-concepts are being challenged. This is a time where to survive, whether we are babies or not, we’ve got to move onto solid foods. These are times, for us that believe we possess a vision of what is really happening, to understand, once and for all, that we are not the ones who will achieve the change. If we have any chance of really taking this window of opportunity and turning it into a celebration, we must understand that we are the transition team. We will not witness the rise of a new system in the production of art and all its players. We will not witness the contemporary separation of art doers from artists. We will not … well, if there’s any chance of us

taking a peak at it, we’ve got to serve. Service … what of? Galleries’ commercial relevance is dead.
Art with no eloquence to its practice functionality is dead.

Art that does not care about communicating to its audience is dead.

Like a cockroach without its head; dead. Moving but dead. Sensing but dead. Heart-pumping but … yes, dead.

The battle is between preservation of identity, credibility of legitimacy, and blindness… that is not new, this in a global context, right? In all systems, all arenas, in all contexts, in all bodies… What is art by the way? Functionally speaking? Yes, bloody utility…

So what that fuck?!?

I would need more time with you, for us … because I do not give a fuck about where you are from nor where you are going. I want to know what you believe in and what you do. I might need you to remind me that I can do what I do, I might need you to tell me that I am 100% of who and what it is that I can, may and will do.

LEFT: Nastio Mosquito, F.A., 2007 acrylic on canvas, 150 cm x 150 cm

MIDDLE: Nastio Mosquito, U.Now, 2007 acrylic on canvas, 150 cm x 150 cm

RIGHT: Nastio Mosquito, Us, 2007 acrylic on canvas, 150 cm x 150 cm

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