South likes: Giorgio Andreotta Calò at Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam

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South likes: Giorgio Andreotta Calò at Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam
La Scultura Lingua Morta
Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam, Netherlands
30 August – 27 September, 2014
Text by Michelangelo Corsaro
Inaugurating the new venue of Wilfired Lentz, Giorgio Andreotta Calò presents a series of sculptural pieces exploring the materiality of wood and clay. Produced in the clay artificial island of Vignole, Venice, these sculptures reflect on the use of materials that relate to notions of time, life and death. Referencing esoteric and Biblical aspects as well as the existential conditions of human life in its relationships with the environment, these works evoke a sense of ritual deference. Two big wood sculptures are made from what remains of huge oak structures for marine engineering. The passing of time, as well as the action of natural forces, turn these objects into enigmatic appearances, which mention testimonies and events way previous their own existence. The wood, bearing the traces of the water that corroded it, speaks of places and circumstances that connect Calò’s work with a tradition of Italian art, from the Renaissance to Arte Povera. The clay, extracted from the seabed of Venice, ties together the human work with the work of nature, experimentng on the possibilities for a new series of works.
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Giorgio Andreotta Calò, La Scultura Lingua Morta, 2014, installation view, Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam. Photo: John Bohnen
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