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December 13, 2014

South remembers: U(You) Turn. From Self-Destruction to Self-Organisation by Lorenzo Romito

What is beyond the contemporary city in accordance with an I-Ching reading read more.

December 11, 2014

South likes: Panda Sex at State of Concept, Athens

Tom Morton introduces Panda Sex as a manifesto infused with humour about what an exhibition is and what it is not. read more.

December 10, 2014

South remembers: Tollan / Polis. The City, the Country and the Resurgence of the Disavowed by Walter D. Mignolo

Today, global processes of re-existence and re-emergence are demanding that the universalising impulse of Western vocabulary – which includes such terms as ‘democracy’ – is reduced to size. Is it about time? read more.

December 7, 2014

South remembers: A Greek from Greece. Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Katzelmacher (1969) by Dimitris Politakis

“It is better to make new mistakes than to perpetuate the old ones to the point of unconsciousness” read more.

December 5, 2014

South remembers: In Defence of Urban Alienation. Regression, Localisation and Dreams of Exodus in Greece Today by Kostis Stafylakis

Considering the effects of the Greek crisis on modes of collective organisation, is it time to question the very boundaries with which collective actions operate? read more.

December 2, 2014

South likes: The Other Designs. Historical authenticity as artistic project at Beton7, Athens

Adopting a critical viewpoint shared by many contemporary academics, the exhibition The Other Designs accentuates the institutionalisation of antiquity as “national heritage”, highlighting the way it has shaped an ideological framework on experiencing and performing a national identity. read more.

December 1, 2014

South remembers: Your Economy is Not Our Economy, Your Politics are Not Our Politics, Your Culture is Not Our Culture, Your Land is Not Our Land, Your Lives are Not Our Lives. That Much is All We Really Know, Don’t We?… by Charles Esche

These are oligarchical times. There is deepening division. A self-reproducing elite has liberated itself from the anchors of nationality and geography and floats away in its superyachts and private jets. Its members have taken control of the democratic imperatives of old, owning the systems that the remaining population fondly imagine still represent them. The emancipation of the new underclasses has ceased to be a goal of public democratic policy. The offer of greater spending power is contingent on personal debt. The state ceases to be for, by, with or from the people; yet it seems no one has any idea what kind of new relationship with the state might be possible—so the oligarchs fill the vacuum and use the state for their own ends. read more.

November 30, 2014

South remembers: Solution 262—∞: Greece Archipelago by Ingo Niermann

Northern Europe doesn’t care about Greece’s mainland. It’s all about the sunny beaches. Solution 262—∞: Greece Archipelago, the imaginary 10th volume of the Solution Series (edited by Ingo Niermann, designed by Zak Group, and published by Sternberg Press) proposes to drastically increase Greece’s coastline by cutting it into hundreds of autonomous islands that are specialised around all sorts of needs and themes. One Greece is simply not enough. Let’s multiply the dragon by cutting it into two, four, eight…  read more.

November 22, 2014

South remembers: What is the South? by Nikos Papastergiadis

A highly ambivalent concept, the South oscillates between a clarion call for antipodean rebelliousness and stigmatic expression of the cultural cringe
 read more.

November 18, 2014

South remembers: Euro(s) Go South by Georgios Papadopoulos

The North encouraged the prodigal euro to leave. Now it seems confused read more.