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South current issue: The Abuse of Life Matrix of the Colonial-Capitalistic Unconscious

By Suely Rolnik The world is in convulsion, and so are we. We are taken by a malaise comprised of a mix of sensations. A dread in the face of the sinister landscape brought about by the rise of reactive forces everywhere, whose level of violence and barbarity reminds us of the worst moments in
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South news: Juergen Teller, Owl, Hydra 2017

South remembers: Returning to The Villages

by Erik Blinderman and Lisa Rave Colonialist exclusion or imprisonment? A film compares two communities premised on segregation in Namibia and Florida The Villages by Erik Blinderman and Lisa Rave, 2011 Each episode of the British science-fiction TV seriesThe Prisoner follows a fairly consistent arc. The show’s protagonist, a former government agent, is incarcerated in
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South remembers: The soul of the green beast

by Yorgos Tzirtzilakis Every return to Arcadia is neither a sensual representation nor a charming symbolism, but a way of becoming Other —1 — Why would one speak today of Arcadia and the Arcadian myths, i.e. about the fantasy of a bucolic paradise and a primitive nature at the antipode of contemporary urban life? One answer
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South shares: Breaking News

South as a State of Mind
 Issue # 10 is out now Summer / Fall 2018
 Maintenance Edited by Marina Fokidis (Editor in Chief and Founding Director) and Monika Szewczyk (Guest Editor) 
Re-designed by Studio Lialios Vazoura, and published by Cube Art Editions Athens, with key support of the Goethe Institute as well as the
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