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South remembers: ‘The Syrians are Recording their Own Death’

by Nikos Papastergiadis When the viewfinder of the gun and the lens of the camera are aligned in deadly symmetry: the ambient perspective of contemporary civil war In the contemporary war, the image has gained a status unprecedented in history. Never before has the story of war been told from so many angles, and been
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South remembers: Music to Save Europe

  Music to Save Europe by Augustin Maurs Five hundred meters above the Aegean Sea at sunset There is nothing like an absolute present. No more than an absolute orange or absolute love. But we European geniuses can be rewarded for having edified what resembles the cult of the metronome. And although nothing legible fits into a single, dividable timeframe anymore, we maintain our devotion
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South remembers: Southern Comforts. Tropical Baroque, Pirate Thinking by Octavio Zaya

Southern Comforts: Tropical Baroque, Pirate Thinking by Octavio Zaya   Who Defines Who We Are? Evening just refused to fall, the sun’s beating on the asphalt and the metalwork brought on a nauseous vertigo. The dark glasses, hankies daubed with cologne on people’s heads, the improvised defence measures, to avoid a burning reflection or a
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South remembers: X & Y

  by X & Y Not for nothing do we speak of “naked” poverty. The worst, the most dreadful aspect of such exposure, which gained currency under the law of necessity but which nevertheless reveals only a thousandth part of what remains hidden, is not pity or the equally grim sense of his own impassivity
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South remembers: EURO by Superflex

EURO by Superflex Euro, a billboard depicting a manipulated euro coin—a symbol of the European currency devoid of actual value. The work was made for the billboard exhibition Show Off presented at Point Centre for Contemporary Art, Cyprus.    

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