Break Out the Zombie Factory

by Cibelle



this text i write

i write it down sweating

dripping these words, the sweat drips down my back

in a stream of consciousness

birthing at the epicentre of rio de janeiro

with bits of glitter from past carnivals and future beaches of forests to come

purpurina é areia (glitter is sand)

areia é purpurina de sereia

ja dizia a cantora mirim

a soltaçao de todo mundo (sand is the mermaid’s glitter, so she sang, the child singer, the world hangs loose)

big let go

nothing matters as much as you may think

this is an experience



big let go

the power of colour

it activates, regenerates, it bursts vortices in your spine

breathe the air into your lungs up and down your column of light

bring in the colour

big let go

spirit rules over here, in the southern heart

emotion is way more important than all this rationality

who told you that the brain knows more than the heart?

break out the zombie factory

illusions of dancing around thoughts to find a point

run naked in the wind

naked of ideas of who you should be

naked dressed up in hot courage

open arms, legs spread open like the hairy trees of rio de janeiro

the trees where other plants live

eat up the world

eat yourself up

the heart is the point

the soul is the point

the flow is the point

real life is heat

the sun is inside your mouth

All images courtesy of Cibelle

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